Terms and Conditions

We are a non-profit charity organisation and our aim is to find forever homes for all snow dogs that have been surrendered to us.
We can not accept aggressive dogs under any circumstances.

All dogs that are surrendered to us must have full medical history ie all proof of vaccinations ,worming, surgery and any on going medical conditions and it will be assessed by our own vet and dog behavourist for any behaviour issues and diet issues as well.
We require that all dogs be neutered/speyed when surrendered if not they will be done through our own vet before rehomed.
We require our assessments to be done before we accept the dog

We also request a donation when you surrendered the dog to the rescue.

We also require when the family surrender the dog they transport the dog to agreed destination if not suitable or not able to a small donation will be required to cover transport costs .

We use a foster home rather than kennel when a dog gets surrendered to the rescue as we find they are assessed better in a foster home rather than a kennel.

We require a fee of £200 when the dogs get adopted, which covers the vet bills and food for any future dogs that come into the rescue.

If any other information required please contact us through our email : scottishhighlandsnowdogsrescue@gmail.com