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What do we do?

SHSDR provides a unique service, supporting all pets not just snow dog pet owners who are in one of the following emergency situations:

•        Ill health

•        Going into hospital

•        A family in a crisis.

If a pet owner is in one of these situations and is unable to afford fees or arrange any other care for their pet, then shsdr will try to help.

SHSDR does not operate a boarding centre or kennels but relies solely on volunteers who goes in to your home in intervals that suites your pets i.e. dog walking, feeding etc.

Our pet sitters have been approved through an assessment process of our team.

How does it work?

In the event of an emergency, a carer, relative, or the hospital you have been admitted to or the owner should contact the local SHSDR Area Coordinator, via our Phone numbers 07493069260

(The carer could be a social worker, a nurse, a home help etc.)

We do not provide a boarding service for pets whose owners are going on holiday.

Forms must be filled in and signed before the pet sitting period starts.

1.      Foster Request Form- so the pet sitting arrangements are clearly understood. Any accompanying written details of the pet’s daily routine, diet and any special needs are also helpful.

2.      SHSDR Authorisation Form – must be signed by the owner or other responsible person, because without this form our pet sitter cannot request veterinary treatment if needed.

3.      We also expect the owner to pay for any veterinary treatment it may require but often this is not immediately possible. That is why our Hardship Fund is so important …it enables us to pay for essential veterinary treatment on the spot so that no animal suffers whilst in our care.

Volunteering……how could you help?

We rely on volunteers to carry out home visits in Inverness or fosters for service users out of town, We find that it would work out cheaper for service users that are out of town to put their pets in our foster programme instead.

Taking responsibility for the care, feeding and exercise of the pet, and free the owner from worry at a difficult time.

Could you become a volunteer/foster for SHSDR?

We offer care for all types of pets, from cats & dogs to snakes & hamsters. So if you would like more information or wish to apply, please phone our Team on 07493069260

We offer care for all types of pets, from cats & dogs to snakes & hamsters. So if you would like more information or wish to apply, please phone our Team.

•        Giving a donation?

•        Leaving a legacy in your will?

•        Fundraising.

•        For Many other reason people cannot volunteer they might like to help other ways e.g.

•        Subscription into the Hardship Fund?

•        Becoming a ‘Friend of SHSDR by paying a £5 annual

•        A monthly direct debit.

If you would like to make a donation by cheque or become a ‘Friend of SHSDR’ please send a cheque to our office.

Background, past developments and successes.

I was brought up on the Isle of Tiree on the west coast of Scotland. At 17 years of age I left Tiree to find work on the mainland, which I did in a children’s home in Lanark.

Some years later I worked in a convalescent home in Galashiels in the Borders before moving to work as a home help in Newton Mearns. My next move was to Oban to work in Dalantart Hospital where I met my husband and had three children, all boys.

I moved about the UK with my husband who was a shepherd. My role was looking after the collies, to which I was eminently suited, having been brought up with dogs. Unfortunately my marriage broke down and I had to move to Inverness with the boys.

From there I brought up the boys as a single parent and found work in the care sector in the town.

Throughout my life I came across a lot of huskies via friends and relatives. I longed to have one of my own until one day my youngest son brought one home, called Luna, and I was immediately smitten.

That was the beginning of my love affair with the breed. I adopted two huskies from a rescue but unfortunately have no room for more. Hence SHSDR was born, helping all these lovely dogs.

Home for Paws.

Through working in the care sector for many years I discovered a need for pet sitting for service users going into hospital and having to leave their pets. Much the time we carers had to drop in to feed the animals on our way home.

After being diagnosed with a disability, I had to give up care work. So after setting up SHSDR I carried some market research. The result? There was still a need for a pet sitting service.

As a consequence we set up Home to Paws a subdivision of SHSDR.


Pack Leader

Joyce Littlejohn.


The Team.

Robbie Milne,

Donald Macinnes,

Malcolm Macinnes.

Janet Grayson.



Maggie Sinclair.


Treasurer/ Designer.

John Baker.


Welfare Officer

Layiaka Munro.